Jets Nick Folk : Kickin’ It with Ross Tucker

Our good friend, New York Jets kicker Nick Folk, stopped by ESPN's Football Today Podcast to discuss his perfect season, how he became a kicker (instead of a soccer player) and the importance of his position in today's NFL. 

Folk has been perfect in field goal attempts this year (10/10) and is part of a growing trend of kickers in the league achieving perfection (Five kickers with at least ten attempts are perfect this year) in FG attempts. Not only are NFL kickers more accurate than ever, they also are kicking from further and with more accuracy.

Congrats to Nick on an excellent start to the 2011 Season! You can follow Nick on Twitter @nickfolk2

You can listen to the podcast here or download it on Itunes. 

Here is a photo of Nick and teammate Tanner Purdum sporting their Hard Ninety gear.

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